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CEU Bundle D- 9.0 CEU's

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The Role of Coaching & Mentoring 
Vision Screenings & Exams for Preschoolers
Working with Strong-willed Children
Staff Motivation: Helping Teachers Enjoy their Work
Are Today’s Preschoolers Too Rushed?
Biting & Hitting: Addressing Troubling Behavior
Health & Safety: Precautions and Pathogens
Recognizing Childhood Language Disorders
Teaching Science to Preschoolers
Guidelines & Strategies for Helping Children with Autism
Handling Challenging Behaviors
Creating Project & Age-appropriate Activities
Alternatives to Saying ‘No’
Child Abuse: Warning Signs and Follow-up
Teaching English Language Learners
Why Biting Occurs and What to do about it
Transition Times: Keys to Navigating Them Successfully
Building Meaningful Relationships with Families
Coping with and Preventing Bullying
A Step by Step Process in Language Development
The Professional Child Care Teacher
The Mindfulness Connection: and its Impact on Early Childhood
Creating a Child Care Environment that is Culturally Diverse
Emotional Growth in Early Childhood: Birth through Five
Vaccinations for Child Care Staff: Weighing the Options
Nutritional Recommendations for Children: Guide Early Child Care Teachers
How to Implement a Visual Schedule in the Classroom
Understanding Problematic Behaviors by Identifying their Message
Ensuring a Safe Care Environment
Social and Emotional Milestones: What to Expect and When