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CEU Bundle B- 18.0 CEU's

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Culturally Competent Child Care
Respect and Manners: Putting it into Practice
Academic vs Intellectual Learning: Weighing the Pros & Cons for Preschoolers
Child Sexual Abuse
Healthy Eating for Children
Mastering the Toilet: Tips Toward a Toddler’s Independence
Effect of Artificial Substances on Behavior
Gender Differences in Learning
The Importance of Parents as Partners
Disciplining Children at Different Ages
The Impact of Technology
Sign Language for All
The Role of Observation & Documentation
Coping with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Setting & Adhering to Rules
Improving Teacher-Child Interaction
Allergies and Asthma
Using Social Media in the Classroom
The Value of Art in Learning
Using Rewards Effectively
Classroom Design: Effective Environments = Quality Learning
Screening and Sharing Results
Making Good Use of Play Time
Bullying Behavior: Stopping it before it Gets Worse
Supervising Preschoolers Effectively
Battle of the Bulge: Avoiding Unhealthy Weight Gain
Developing Friendship Skills
Addressing Anaphylaxis & Seizures
Actively Involving Children in Reading
Helping Children with Reactive Attachment Disorder
The Role of Coaching & Mentoring
Vision Screenings & Exams for Preschoolers
Working with Strong-willed Children
Staff Motivation: Helping Teachers Enjoy their Work
Are Today’s Preschoolers Too Rushed?
Biting & Hitting: Addressing Troubling Behavior
Health & Safety: Precautions and Pathogens
Recognizing Childhood Language Disorders
Teaching Science to Preschoolers
Guidelines & Strategies for Helping Children with Autism
Handling Challenging Behaviors
Creating Project & Age-appropriate Activities
Alternatives to Saying ‘No’
Child Abuse: Warning Signs and Follow-up
Teaching English Language Learners
Why Biting Occurs and What to do about it
Transition Times: Keys to Navigating Them Successfully
Building Meaningful Relationships with Families
Coping with and Preventing Bullying
A Step by Step Process in Language Development
The Professional Child Care Teacher
The Mindfulness Connection: and its Impact on Early Childhood
Creating a Child Care Environment that is Culturally Diverse
Emotional Growth in Early Childhood: Birth through Five
Vaccinations for Child Care Staff: Weighing the Options
Nutritional Recommendations for Children: Guide for Early Child Care Teachers
How to Implement a Visual Schedule in the Classroom
Understanding Problematic Behaviors by Identifying their Message
Ensuring a Safe Care Environment
Social and Emotional Milestones: What to Expect and When