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CDA 120 HR Family Day Care Professional Education Package

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Healthy Eating for Children
Health & Safety: Injury Prevention & other Tips
Promoting Nutrition and Healthy Eating
Giving Medications Safely and Effectively
A Weighty Issue: Scaling Down Childhood Obesity   
Protecting the Children in Your Care 
Rest Time and Naptime: Tips on What Works and What Doesn’t
Creating a ‘Language-Rich’ Environment 
Simple is Often Better in Math & Science
Teaching English Language Learners
Playing Outside: Increasing Intelligence and Physical Skills
Coping with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Are Today’s Preschoolers Too Rushed?
Guidelines & Strategies for Helping Children with Autism
Emotional Growth in Early Childhood: Birth through Five
Bridging the Gap: Improving Communication with Parents
Creating a Child Care Environment that is Culturally Diverse
Mastering the Toilet: Tips Toward a Toddler’s Independence
The Importance of Parents as Partners
How Does Your Child Care Facility Rate?
Strategies for Successfully Managing Transitions
Classroom Design: Effective Environments = Quality Learning
Transition Times: Keys to Navigating Them Successfully
Beating Burnout: Child Care Providers Play Crucial Role
Teamwork: Effectively Leading, Relating & Communicating
The Impact of Technology
The Professional Child Care Teacher
Keeping Your Cool: Dealing with Tantrums and Aggression
Discipline as Easy as 1, 2, 3
Strategies to Identify and Prevent Bullying
Why Do Children Bite? What can be done about it?
Every Child is Naturally Good
ADD and IEPs: Observation, Intervention, Behavior Management 
The Importance of Play in Child Development
Building Baby’s Brain with Exercise and Sensory Stimulation
Meeting the Special Needs of Children
Helping Children Get the Sleep they Need
Enhancing Motor Skill Development 
Suggestions to Help Prevent & Limit Tantrums
Creating Opportunities to Expand Fine & Gross Motor Skills