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CCSN 24HR Pre-Service Training Package

CCSN 24HR Pre-Service Training Package

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The following 3HR trainings cover the categories necessary to fulfill Texas Pre-Service minimum standards for childcare centers. PLEASE NOTE: This is the initial package and contains answer keys.

  • Developmental Stages of Children
    • 10.12 Emotional Growth in Early Childhood: Birth through Five
  • Age-appropriate Activities for Children
    • 3.3 Enhancing Motor Skill Development
  • Positive Guidance and Discipline of Children
    • 3.2 Time-Out Techniques
  • Fostering Children’s Self-esteem
    • 8.6 Helping Children with Reactive Attachment Disorder
  • Supervision and Safety Practices in the Care of Children
    • 11.6 Ensuring a Safe Care Environment
  • Positive Interaction with Children
    • 10.5 Transition Times: Keys to Navigating Them Successfully
  • Preventing Spread of Communicable Diseases / Immunizations
    • 2.3 Health & Safety Tips: Flu Outbreaks & Other Advice

The following 1HR trainings cover the categories necessary to fulfill Texas pre-service minimum standards for childcare centers caring for children less than 24 months: 

  • Recognizing and Preventing Shaken Baby Syndrome & Abusive Head Trauma
    • 1.11 SIDS & Shaken Baby Syndrome
  • Understanding and Using Safe Sleep Practices and Preventing Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)
    • 2.11 Helping Children Get the Sleep they Need
  • Understanding Early Childhood Brain Development
    • 1.12 Building Baby's Brain with Exercise & Sensory Stimulation